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Are you noticing weird, sewage smelling odors coming from your yard? Gurgling noises every time you use the sink or the toilet? You may be in need of a sewer cleaning from a professional! Aloha Plumbing of Lehi, UT is up for the task. With our excellent plumbers and top-notch cleaning technologies, we will get your pipes cleaned as good as new, while employing excellent customer service and non-invasive methods.

We will clear out clogs and blockages within your sewer lines, using video camera inspection to quickly locate the source of the buildup, and then work to eradicate it as soon as possible. With our precision and years of experience in the business, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll receive a job well done! Say goodbye to blockages, clogs, and overflows with us.

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Cleaning Methods

When it comes to sewer cleaning, there are typically three types of options to choose from. These come in the form of:

Hydraulic Sewer Cleaning

Hydraulic cleaning methods use water pressure and velocity to clean the interior areas of sewer pipes.

Hydro jetting – Hydro jetting consists of using pressurized water to push out debris and clogs. To perform this method, a machine called a “jetter” is used. This jetter pushes water through a hose and out of a specially designed nozzle created to break down sand, dirt, grease, and other particles. Thanks to its chemical-free procedure, there is no damage done to the pipes, making it a popular option for homeowners.

Flushing – Flushing uses a heavier amount of water by pushing into the line of a manhole. This method is usually used hand in hand with mechanical cleaning strategies, in order to break down smaller clogs and particles.

Mechanical Sewer Cleaning

Using machinery to clean sewers is also a popular way of clearing out blockages.

Rodding – Our plumbers use a flexible metal rod with a bladed head to break apart root growth, grease, and dirt.

Pigs – Plumbers take a small capsule and push it through a line, scraping up debris on its way.

Chemical Sewer Cleaning

Chemicals can be dispersed throughout sewer lines to prevent rodents, roots, insects, and grease from gathering. Although it can tend to be more expensive than mechanical or hydraulic methods, its results are highly effective.

Chemical Cleaning – Spreading chemicals strategically throughout pipes is a method used to break down particularly powerful clogs. By wearing down the dirt, grime, or tree roots, these chemicals allow for sewer lines to open once again.

Biological Products – These products are made from enzymes and microorganisms that can guarantee the safety of its residents. Homeowners and business owners can employ biological products without having to fear potential toxins.

Scheduling Regular Cleaning

One of the best ways to ensure your sewer system is in good health is to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance appointments. We recommend that you schedule an appointment at least every 18-22 months. This will not only keep your sewer lines clean, but it can help you stay on top of potential repairs and dangers. One of our licensed plumbers can quickly clear out your pipes and notify you of any causes of concern. Trust in Aloha Plumbing, we’re here to get your sewage system back into good shape.

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