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Are you noticing weird, sewage smelling odors coming from your yard? Gurgling noises every time you use the sink or the toilet? You may be in need of a sewer cleaning from a professional! Aloha Plumbing of Lehi, UT is up for the task. With our excellent plumbers and top-notch cleaning technologies, we will get your pipes cleaned as good as new, while employing excellent customer service and non-invasive methods.

We will clear out clogs and blockages within your sewer lines, using video camera inspection to quickly locate the source of the buildup, and then work to eradicate it as soon as possible. In terms of broken, bent, cracked, or deformed sewer pipes, we offer sewage line repair, and will work to fix your lines with our trenchless repair methods. Our trenchless repair allows us to repair the broken pipes quickly, while not having to dig up your yard in the process.

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If the damage is past repair, our plumbers can offer the option of sewer line replacement, which will prevent the long life of your sewage system in the long run. Getting brand new piping can save you from constant repair costs, and allow you to breathe freely, without having to worry if your sewage system is leaking out, causing hazards to your health. Contact Aloha Plumbing for sewage repair, cleaning, and replacement today! We can’t wait to be of service.

Typical damage found in sewer line repairs

  • Corrosion caused by deteriorating pipes
  • Recent ground movement, such as nearby construction or earthquakes
  • Tree root growth
  • Improperly installed sewage lines
  • Accumulation of dirt, hair, debris and toilet paper
  • Freezing temperatures leading to obstructions of ice within the sewer lines

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