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Debris can build up and create problems in your sewer lines over time. Hydro-Jetting is an extremely effective method used to clean your sewer and drain lines, in which an extremely high pressure water blasts through some of the most difficult sewer blockages. By using this method to get your drains cleared and cleaned you are able to have immediate results and are ensured clean and smooth pipelines – which will help prevent future back ups.


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Better Than Chemicals

There are definitely advantages to home chemical cleaners as a quick fix for clogged drains, however – the active ingredient in these products is lye, which is what eats away at the clogs. That same chemical also eats away at your pipes, and creates an environment which is ideal for trapping hair, grease, and other debris – resulting in even more clogs and backups.

So, while chemical drain cleaners might seem like a quick and cheap fix, ultimately they are not the best solution, as they will cause more wear and deterioration to your pipes leaving you with more  clogs.

Hydro Jetting is a safe alternative to annihilate years of grease and debris, as it also smooths out the inner walls of your pipes, preventing materials from being dislodged.

Is It For You?

Performing routine maintenance in your drain lines will take your drains a long way in eradicating blockages and preventing sewage back ups. As of now, hydro-jetting is the only effective method available for cleaning sewer lines. We can even give you a FREE camera inspection with your mainline cleaning. 

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