Pipeline Video Camera Inspection

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Camera Inspection: What It Is and Why You Might Need One

A camera inspection, also known as lateral inspection or scope inspection, involves using a video attached to a flexible cable resembling a snake to scrutinize a property’s sewer line. This privately owned pipeline connects the residence to the publicly owned main sewer line or septic tank. The sewer camera inspection process helps reveal any pipe damage, identify blockages, and pinpoint other potential issues. Additionally, it serves as a proactive measure by detecting potential problem areas before they escalate into more severe issues or hazards. While it is mainly used for sewer lines, water lines can also be inspected with it. 

Benefits of a Video Inspection Before Moving into a New Home

Getting a camera inspection is crucial when purchasing a new home as it provides valuable insights into the condition of the sewer lines, a component often overlooked in the home buying process. Identifying these issues with your pipelines before finalizing your home purchase allows for informed decision-making and negotiation. A camera inspection not only ensures the functionality of the plumbing system but also helps prevent unexpected and expensive repairs down the line. It provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the plumbing system in your new home are in good condition and that you are making a well-informed investment in their new property.

Common Sewer Line Issues Identified with Inspection

  1. Pipe Damage: Plumbing camera inspections can identify cracks, fractures, or other types of damage to pipes that may compromise their structural integrity.
  2. Blockages: The camera can detect blockages caused by debris, grease buildup, or other materials, hindering the proper flow of wastewater.
  3. Root Intrusions: Tree roots can infiltrate sewer and water lines over time, causing blockages and potential damage. A camera inspection reveals the extent of root intrusion.
  4. Corrosion: The presence of corrosion within pipes, whether due to age or material issues, can be detected through camera inspections.
  5. Misalignment: Camera inspections can identify pipes that are misaligned or disjointed, which can lead to leaks and inefficient waste or water flow.
  6. Bellied Pipes: Sections of pipes that have sunk or sagged, creating a low point where waste can accumulate, are easily identified through camera inspections.
  7. Debris Accumulation: The camera can reveal the accumulation of debris or sediment within the sewer line, affecting its overall performance.
  8. Leak Detection: Any leaks in the sewer or water line, whether minor or significant, can be pinpointed through a camera inspection, allowing for timely repairs.
  9. Inadequate Slope: The camera can identify areas where the sewer line lacks the proper slope, leading to drainage issues and potential blockages.

Any of these issues can escalate into problems that cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair. Avoid disaster and invest in camera inspection today. Or, get a free camera inspection when you invest in sewer line cleaning!

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