5 Signs of a Burst Water Pipe

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Woman Placing Bucket Under A Leaking Sink Pipe

Many homeowners in Lehi, Utah wonder what they should do when a water pipe bursts in their homes. If quick action is not taken, burst pipes can cause water damage and potential mold damage to your home. Although burst pipes are extremely infrequent, it is important to know the warning signs of a potential burst pipe to prevent this plumbing emergency.

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Causes of Burst Pipes:

  • Corrosion – rust build-up and pH imbalance can weaken your pipes over time, which can then cause breaks, leaks, or bursts.
  • Clogs – if a clog builds up over time in your pipes, the water pressure can become too much for your pipes to handle and cause them to burst. 
  • Freezing – freezing temperatures can cause the bonds in the pipes to weaken, and can lead to breaks, especially when you suddenly turn the hot water on.

Signs of a Burst Pipe:

  1. Puddling – if you are noticing large pools of water around the pipes when you turn on the water, you may have a burst pipe.
  2. Stains – large water stains on your wall or ceiling often occur exactly where a pipe burst took place.
  3. High Water Bills – if your water bills are noticeably higher than usual, this is a good indicator that water is leaking from an undetected source. Often, this is from a burst pipe.
  4. Unusual smells – a bad smell coming from your plumbing system is never a good thing. Water damage from a burst pipe may be causing mold growth, which produces a strong smell.
  5. Low Water Pressure – a burst pipe will affect how water travels through the other pipes in your home, as the water is going out the pipe’s hole instead of your faucet. If you have experienced a sudden loss of water pressure – give us a call!

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