A Guide to Your Main Water Line and Sewer Lines

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Typically, homeowners in Lehi, Utah have a good understanding of their interior plumbing systems but often forget about their hidden, exterior plumbing. Understanding your home’s main water line and sewer line is crucial as they are the sources for the delivery of water and removal of waste to and from your home. In addition, it is important to know how to provide proper maintenance to your exterior plumbing systems to keep them running smoothly and avoid costly repairs.

What is a Main Water Line?

The main water line is where water from the city is delivered to your home or your home’s main source of water. You can easily find your water main by looking at your water meter to see the flow of water. If you are experiencing a serious plumbing problem inside your house, such as a leaky pipe, we recommend you turn off your main water line to reduce water damage until you can get professional help. Knowing where your main water shutoff is located is important in case of a plumbing emergency! Check out our blog post Signs Your Main Water Line Needs Repair to learn more about what to look for if you think your main water line is malfunctioning.

What is a Sewer Line?

A sewer line is where your home’s drains connect to the main sewer drain in your city. Your sewer line is slanted downwards to send the sewage and dirty drain water away from your home and into the city sewer. Most sewer lines are located underground in your yard and require maintenance every 3-5 years. Check out our blog post 3 Steps for Solving Sewer Line Problems to learn what you should do if you are experiencing major problems with your sewer line.

If you require main water line repair or sewer line repair, our expert team at Aloha Plumbing, Sewers, & Drains is here to help! We specialize in exterior plumbing repairs and use a variety of modern methods such as trenchless sewer repair and re-piping to clean out your sewer line and remove any clogs. Give us a call today!