Common Faucet Leaks

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Common Faucet Leaks

While most leaky faucets are easy to spot, some may not be that obvious! If your water bill is higher than usual, you might have a faucet leaking without you knowing. Here are three common locations to check if you think you have a faucet leak.

The Spout

This is the most obvious place for a faucet to leak. A faucet leaking from the spout will drip or even run with the handles are turned off. Another sign of a faucet leaking from the spout, is if you need to adjust the handles to the perfect position so it doesn’t drip or leak. If you are unsure the spout is leaking, you can dry out the sink and place a paper towel under the faucet to test if it gets wet.

The Faucet Base

A leak around the base of the faucet can be difficult to spot since water is always being splashed around the sink. However, if you see frequent puddling water around the handles, your faucet might be leaking from the base. This type of leak only happens with the faucet is turned on, so it can go undiagnosed for months. To test for this type of leak, dry up all the water around the sink and then turn both handles on. Then check to see if water is spreading around the faucet base.

Under the Sink

How often do you look under your sink? Probably not too often! This is why under the sink leaks are one of the most damaging types of leaks. They often go unnoticed for months and the water build-up can damage the cabinet or floor and cause mold. To check for this type of leak, empty the under the sink area and make sure everything is dry. Then, turn the water on and see where the leak is coming from. Often times, these leaks come from water supply connections, or connections to the sink drain. Be sure to thoroughly check these areas, as the leaks are very small. If you still don’t see any leaks, lay some dry paper towels down and use the sink as normal. Then check back in a few hours to see if the towels have any water spot.

All these faucet leaks can be solved with some DIY home plumbing, or you can call the experts at Aloha plumbing! Our team specializes in repairing leaking faucets and pipes – schedule your appointment today!