Common Sewer Problems

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Broken sewer pipe

Nothing is more important to your Lehi, Utah home’s plumbing system than your sewer line. Although sewer lines rarely cause plumbing problems, when they do it can be disastrous. We recommend scheduling a sewer line camera inspection every 3-5 years to avoid surprise sewer issues from popping up. Here are some common sewer line problems you might be facing.


Over time, your pipes will wear down from use. Corrosion in your sewer line or your underground pipes may cause leaks into your home and cause your plumbing system to waste excessive water. Your sewer line or underground pipes can be fixed through traditional or trenchless sewer repair.


Flushing large objects, such as diapers, feminine napkins, or wipes down the toilet can eventually lead to sewer line blockages and backups. A sewer line backup can cause dirty water to flow back into your drains, spilling into your home. Read more about what to do during a sewer line backup in our blog post.

Tree Root Invasion

Water and moisture from your underground pipes create an ideal environment for tree roots to grow and spread quickly. Tree root invasion is one of the most common sewer line problems homeowners face, though it is often difficult to detect. Check out our blog post on how to detect tree roots growing in your pipes!

Pipe Breakage

Moving pipes due to foundation shifts or excessive rainwater can cause your underground pipes to break. Broken underground pipes require immediate repair and can cause damage to your home’s foundation or yard.

If you are experiencing a sewer line problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our team of licensed plumbers are sewer line experts and will provide their professional recommendations on the solution. You can also read our blog for ways you can solve sewer line problems before they become larger, expensive issues.