Important Plumbing Terms

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We understand that plumbing terms can sometimes get confusing! However, it is important to understand different components of your home’s plumbing to communicate issues with your plumbing or to perform a DIY repair. Check out our helpful dictionary of important plumbing terms!

Auger – a flexible rod for pulling out clogs from a plumbing system.

Exterior Plumbing – pipes and plumbing systems installed into an outward facing wall in a home. Exterior plumbing must be well insulated to protect the pipes from freezing or bursting.

Main Line – the main source of a home’s water supply. The main line provides all the water from a water company to the pipes in a home.

Pipe Lining – a method of repairing damaged or broken pipes by digging a small hole and inserting a new pipe liner into the shell of the damaged pipe.

Sewer Line – the system of pipes that carry waste and sewage away from a home to designated disposal sites and treatment plants.

Shutoff Valve – a valve used to turn off the flow of water to a plumbing fixture without having to shut off water to the entire home. Shutoff valves are often located near the point a pipe enters a room in a home.

Sump Pump – a pumps which works to remove water from the basement or foundation of a home.

Supply Line – a plastic or metal line which transports water from the main water line to a specific plumbing fixture in a home.

Trenchless Sewer Repair – a method of repairing damaged or broken pipes by inserting a liquid epoxy resin which hardens in place to fill the cracks and creates a seamless seal. Trenchless sewer repair requires minimal digging and strengthens pipes.

If you still have plumbing questions – don’t hesitate to give our team of licensed experts a call! We’re proud to be a family-owned business and will work with you to solve all your plumbing problems.