Are Liquid Drain De-Clogging Products a Good Idea?

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Liquid Drain Products

As much as we love our customers, we know that most people would like to figure out minor plumbing issues on their own. Enter liquid drain cleaners! Yes, think of your favorite liquid drain cleaner brand – we’ve all used them. They’re so easy to pick up on a grocery trip and use as needed, often when too much hair has clogged up the tub. But…are these “liquid plumbers” really a good idea? Today we’ll explore this topic and see!

Remember to keep all chemical cleaners away from children and pets. These can be highly toxic.

Types of Liquid Drain Cleaner

The two main types of liquid drain de-clogging products out there are either Alkaline or Acidic drain cleaners. Alkaline cleaners are composed mostly of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide and are meant to dislodge debris in the foam that it creates. Acidic cleaners are sulfuric acid based and they work by breaking down substances in drains. Overall, we totally understand and can sympathize with the need for a quick fix for what appear to be simple drain clogs. You’re busy, and we understand! In this case, there aren’t too many positive things we can say about liquid drain cleaners. They put a band-aid over what could eventually become a serious issue.

Disadvantages of Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

As mentioned previously in this post, liquid cleaners are toxic! Often, the off-brand options are even worse than their big-name counterparts, so be careful if you opt to use these products. Try not to inhale them and keep them away from your eyes as this could cause vision loss. They can also burn your skin. Scary stuff!

Just as the liquid cleaners can damage our bodies, they can also damage our pipes. Liquid drain cleaners work because they eat away at debris in pipes, but they can also eat away at the pipes themselves. Whether your pipes are metallic or plastic, these liquid drain cleaners can cause issues that lead to future leaks and weakened pipes.

It isn’t surprising then that liquid drain cleaners are bad for the environment. Liquid drain cleaners are strong enough to break down pipes and are dangerous to human bodies, so it just makes sense that they would harm the environment. Imagine what these products can do if they get into our water system and landfills, especially when concerning fish and wildlife at large.

Alternatives to Liquid Drain Cleaners

For many clogs, simply using a plunger often works to dislodge substances clogging up your pipes. If this doesn’t work, give our team at Aloha Plumbing a call to ensure that your pipes are left intact and that your clogs are safely removed.