Money Saving Plumbing Tips

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Plumbing Money Saving Tips

Looking for ways to save some dollars in your wallet? Aloha Plumbing, Sewers, and Drains is here to help with our easy money-saving tips on all things plumbing. It’s important to stay up to date with the little things before they turn into a big plumbing problem. Here’s what you can do:

1. Check for drips

Leaky faucets can prevent you from getting a good night’s rest and cause your water bills to go up. Regularly checking your faucets for drips will decrease the chances of hurting your plumbing. There are a variety of factors which can lead to drips and leaks. Some of the things which might be causing your faucets to leak include a loosened screw on the handle of the faucet or improper installations. It’s also important to note that not all leaks and drips will be visible. If your water bill is continuing to go up for no apparent reason, give Aloha Plumbing, Sewers, and Drains a call to receive high quality and professional care for your home.

2. Make sure the toilet is running properly

Constant toilet clogs? If it seems like your toilet is constantly having trouble flushing or it’s difficult to push down the handle, there may be some parts that need replacing. Having to replace small parts will be much less costly than having to replace bigger parts in the long run.

3. Stay clear of liquid drain cleaners

We know it seems like the easy way out of a messy situation, but some liquid drainers can hurt your plumbing more than help it. Drain cleaners can also become expensive as you must repeatedly buy more and more. Other drain unclogging options such as plungers can be less expensive. Check out Aloha Plumbing, Sewers, and Drains blog: Are Liquid Drain De-Clogging Products a Good Idea? to learn more about liquid drain cleaners!

4. Regularly give your plumbing appliances a tune-up!

Making sure to consistently tune-up your plumbing appliances instead of buying brand new appliances as it can save you a lot of cash. How do you know when your plumbing appliances need a tune-up? You can find out by checking the drain trap, the water pressure, as well as listening for obscure noises. When in doubt, never hesitate to give your local experts in all things plumbing, sewers, and drains a call.

5. Prevent clogs

No one likes clogged drains! The clogs always seem to come at the most inconvenient of times. We understand clogged drains happen. Help prevent your drains from clogging and save money. Ways to put clogged drains to a stop include using a drain cover. Covering your drains with drainers can prevent unwanted things like hair or food from going down the drain. Cooking up some bacon? Don’t let that grease get down the drain. Put the bacon grease in the trash. Remember your drains are not garbage cans. Be mindful of what’s going down your drains to prevent clogs.

These are all great tips to act and prevent plumbing problems, but there are plumbing issues that are best left with the professionals. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local plumbing experts at Aloha Plumbing, Sewers, and Drains.