Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance

Servicing Salt Lake and Utah Counties

Your home’s outdoor plumbing system needs annual maintenance, especially since it is exposed to the elements! When the temperature changes, your outdoor plumbing, even underground pipes, can be changing without you noticing. We recommend taking the following steps at least once a year in the spring or summer season to ensure your outdoor plumbing system is still functioning smoothly.

Check All Outdoor Faucets

Make sure all faucets are connected to your hoses properly and not dripping. If you notice the water pressure is inconsistent from day to day, there may be something blocking the pipe or the faucet opening. Be sure to check the washer, spigot, valve, aerator, and faucet spout to ensure everything is clear.  

Check Your Sewer Line

Getting your sewer line professionally inspected once a year can give you peace of mind in knowing tree roots have not shifted or begun to grow in the pipes during the winter season. Invasive tree roots can cause damage or cracks to your sewer line and can be costly to repair. Our professional team of plumbers can help with any of your sewer line problems! Learn more about our sewer line repair and camera inspection services.

Unclog All Outdoor Drains

Falling leaves and other debris can build up in your yard’s outdoor drains, gutters, and downspouts. Be sure to clear out these areas to prevent build-up and future clogging. We also recommend checking your outdoor dryer vent to make sure it is cleared from lint or birds living in the vent.

Consider A Septic Tank Inspection

It is recommended to get your septic tank professionally inspected every three to five years to prevent a small problem from becoming a large, expensive issue. Our septic experts at Aloha Plumbing, Sewers, & Drains can perform a septic tank inspection and answer any questions you might have.

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