What Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover

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Homeowners Insurance

Insurance coverage, in general, can be confusing and vague regarding what you are and aren’t paying for. Homeowner’s insurance can be especially perplexing in that many items of concern are not covered by a standard plan. Here, we’ll investigate some common plumbing event types that aren’t covered by most homeowner’s insurance plans.

Natural Disasters:

Depending on where you live, you may have to purchase additional insurance to account for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or volcanoes. In some cases, your insurance may cover damage done by one aspect of a natural disaster (for example, it may cover wind damage but not flooding after a hurricane). Be sure to check with your insurance company to see what is applicable to your plan.


Many homeowner policies may exclude damages caused by mold, but there are exceptions in some cases. Usually these happen when it is related to a different issue that is covered, like a leaking pipe. You may be able to purchase additional coverage for mold specifically if this is a concern where you live. In some regions of the United States this coverage can be quite expensive.

Lack of Maintenance:

Staying on top of your plumbing maintenance is extremely important because many insurance providers do not cover issues that were caused gradually over time from normal wear and tear. If you notice a leak or an issue that may seem minor initially, call one of Aloha Plumbing, Sewer, & Drain’s expert technicians to investigate it for you, just in case. This could save you hundreds of dollars in the long-term as most insurance policies do not cover issues that could’ve been prevented at an earlier time. Also, be sure to be careful over the winter if you decide to turn your heat off for an extended period, perhaps if you take a vacation with your family. Pipes may freeze and burst, and insurance providers typically would see this as damage you caused and not cover it.

It’s important to be aware of common issues you may still have to foot the bill for even with a homeowner’s insurance policy. Although some problems can’t be avoided, such as natural disasters, many can be prevented through proper maintenance and care