Pipe Lining in Riverton, Utah

Trenchless Pipe lining Technology - Riverton, UT

Aloha Plumbing, Sewers, & Drains serving Riverton is your no-dig solution for replacing and repairing damaged residential and commercial sewer lines. If your pipes are broken, leaking, or cracked, we offer trenchless pipe lining so you can avoid digging up your yard and disrupting your home. Pipe problems can be caused by many issues, including tree root infiltration, water, or outdated drain materials. Call today for service in Riverton, Utah.

Why to choose trenchless pipe lining – if you’re not convinced yet

  • Versatile –  Epoxy, the lining that coats the previous water system, can be applied to any metal pipe, in any structure or environment below or above ground level.
  • Same structural strength – With a “cured in place pipe” now inserted into your existing pipe it’s now joint less, secure and corrosion resistant.
  • Little Downtime – Epoxy lining takes a fraction of the time compared to traditional re-piping methods with no digging or destruction of your yard or landscape.
  • Last Longer – Better quality piping material calls for less repairs.
  • Quicker Repair and Installations – Without large trench digging, trenchless pipe-lining is done quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining?

It is no longer necessary to tear up your floors, landscape, and walls to repair or replace your pipes. When the trenchless pipe lining method is used, expensive demolition and excavation are no longer necessary. Essentially, a brand-new PVC liner pipe is installed within your existing damaged pipes. We use a process referred to as “Cured-In-Place Pipe” (CIPP). Between the old pipe and the new pipe is a slight gap that is sealed with a watertight material known as epoxy. This material reinforces your existing pipe so it will behave like a new pipe with minimal inconvenience and damage to your property. After that, CIPP cures your pipes, and within a few hours your service will be returned to your home!

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